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Elegibility criteria

Regular graduate students (master or doctoral candidates) at recognized graduate programs and post-doctoral researchers will be eligible (proof of enrolment for students and letter of post-doctoral acceptance for post-docs will be necessary). Young researchers, having received their doctoral degrees no longer than 5 years before October 2017, will also qualify. Candidates that do not completely fill out the form or do not provide all the necessary documents will not be considered in the selection process. Up to 100 candidates will be selected for the course – about 50% from Brazil and 50% from other countries.

The official language of the course will be English.

For those who are selected, FAPESP will cover plane tickets to São Paulo international airport and ground transportation to Campinas, SP – Brazil. Lodging costs during the days of the event will also be defrayed by FAPESP* 

more informations available at our TRAVEL page(*) Except students and researchers with FAPESP scholarships

For students and researchers selected, we will ask for a Registration Fee, to cover the coffee-breaks during all days of the School, to be paid at their arrival.The amount to be paid is as listed below:

  • 50 USD - for M.Sc and PhD students
  • 100 USD - for post-docs and young researchers 


Period of Application April 20th to May 26th, 2017

Before enter in the APPLICATION FORM, provide these files (PDF FORMAT):

  • 1 Abstract of the work to be presented during the School, following this model (click in the hyperlink, download the ".doc" file, and follow the instructions of the file). [1 file, pdf format]
  • 1 Recommendation letter: 1 letter of your Supervisor. Maximum 1 page, free format (excess of pages will not be considered). [1 file, pdf format]
  • 1 certification that you are enrolled in a master or PhD program; or a document that comproves you have graduated no longer than 5 years ago [1 file, pdf format]

Some informations that must be inserted/filled in the Application form: 

  • Justification for your application, clearly indicating the importance of this course for your education and research project. A brief description of the institution in which you are enrolled should also be included (maximum 3.000 characters).
  • A brief description (or abstract) of your current research project (maximum 3.000 characters).
  • A list of publications in scientific journals and of presentations given in scientific conferences (specify clearly all authors involved in each piece of work and the presentation format: poster, oral, plenary speaker, etc).

Practical intructions for the Application:

  • Use preferencially the most recent versions of the following browsers: Explorer, Chrome or Firefox
  • When clicking in the "Submit Application" button, at the end of the form, a confirmation window will appear, with the number of you inscription. If this window do not appear, change your browser and, please, do your application again.
  • If an Error occurs, please, try to close and open your browser and do your application again.   

For application, please, click in the link below and follow the instructions: